Dedicated Epic Receptionists to help with your appointment lines

Finding qualified receptionists can be surprisingly difficult in today's labor market. If your practice is having a hard time finding good receptionists, allow our team to be a part of your solution.

Our Epic receptionists will handle all of your appointment related requests directly in your Epic EMR.

  • Immediately eliminate patient hold times
  • Free up your clinical staff from answering appointment lines
  • Stop worrying about hiring, training, vacation vacancies and callout headaches
  • All receptionists have 2 years of epic experience working in medical facilities
  • All hiring, training and setup costs are included free
  • Our solution results in more appointments being booked, more patients being seen, and more revenue being generated for your practice or hospital

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Are you finding it increasingly difficult to hire and train staff?

If you answered 'yes' to this question, know that you're not alone. Epic is an amazingly powerful EMR solution that comes with a catch, it can also be incredibly complicated to use. No, really, Epic actually has an entire training university that helps customers learn how to use their tools correctly.

Finding qualified employees to interact with Epic properly is a challenge. All of the practice managers we work with don't have enough time to take a 10 min lunch break, let alone the weeks-long process to find qualified receptionists that already know how to use Epic. Training an inexperienced new hire to use Epic can be just as frustrating because up to 50% of new hires don't actually last more than four months in their new practice.

We understand our customer's staffing problems and we offer an easy to implement solution. Let our Dedicated Epic Receptionists solve this problem for your practice once and for all.

Why Choose our Dedicated Receptionists

Stop wasting your time and money on the never-ending search for front desk receptionists. Delegate scheduling duties to our Epic EMR experts and do away with hiring difficulties forever.

No Payroll or HR Hassle

Most growing hospitals and practices find it increasingly difficult to hire, train, and retain the staff needed to keep the phones answered. Often, this results in clinical employees doing more and more phone work than actual clinical work.

Our Dedicated Epic EMR Receptionists relieve you of your HR and Payroll burdens.

When you sign up for our service, we will match you with a dedicated team of Epic trained receptionists. They will handle all appointment related requests directly in your Epic EMR system while you and your medical personnel stick to your core clinical responsibilities. This means that you'll get the same quality service as provided by in-house staff without having to deal with vacation pay, callouts, sick pay, and other HR hassles

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Instant Access to Certified Epic Staff

Finding skilled staff can be challenging depending on your practice location and hiring resources.

At TDA, we have secured access to a large pool of healthcare support workers which helps make the onboarding process extremely easy.

All of our skilled Epic Receptionists are required to have at least two years of medical receptionist experience. This usually comes from on-the-job training in front desk positions at physician's offices, hospitals, 911 dispatch centers, ambulance services, and other healthcare facilities.

We take safeguarding your PHI very seriously. Our call center is 100% medical and passes annual HIPAA compliance audits. All receptionists are required to pass federal background checks and HIPAA compliance certifications courses before interacting with any patient PHI.

Believe it or not, many competitors have their agents also answering calls for business accounts such as plumbers, IT, eCommerce, HVAC, and other general business accounts and then your patient calls. This model does not make sense to us, which is why we are 100% medical, 100% of the time.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Having our skilled team of Epic receptionists handling your appointment calls removes this strain from your clinical staff and boosts patient satisfaction. Outsourcing your scheduling duties to experts will allow your personnel to devote more time to your patients. This results in more patients being seen, more appointments being booked, and more revenue being generated for your practice or hospital.

Use our auxiliary agents to take your customer service one step further and deliver a superior call experience.

Regardless of call volume, we will support you with a rollover option so that no callers are left on hold even if a surplus of calls occurs. No matter the call volume, we've got you covered

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Does this sound like a solution that will help your practice?

How It Works

Step 1

Tell us how many receptionists you need

It will take us about 3 weeks to uptrain and match you with your HIPAA Certified Epic receptionists

Step 2

Show us how you book, double book and interact with Epic

We have a detailed questionnaire process that will help us understand your practice's workflow so we can match you with the right receptionists.

Step 3

Exchange experiences

We typically run a few short zoom training sessions to observe your staff handling calls. Then we will switch roles so you can see and hear our receptionists in action.

Step 4

Go live and enjoy the benefits

At this stage, we are ready to go live with regular "check-ins". Within a few days, our agents will be fully integrated with your operations and you can get back to growing your practice.

Why The Doctors Answer?

✔ 30 years of medical call answering experience

✔ Over 25,000 satisfied healthcare clients

✔ Fully compliant with HIPAA standards

✔ A dedicated team of experienced receptionists

✔ Answering services available 24/7/365

✔ Transparent pricing, no setup fees

See What Others Say About TDA

"Your answering service has been a very important aspect of our day-to-day operations. The employees who answer our patient calls are the best we've ever dealt with. Thanks for your continued support."

Ellen Siller, Front Office Supervisor,  
Primary Health Medical Group

"The employees at your service are saints. We have very needy patients, and they always remain professional and courteous while always treating our patients with respect."

Katherine Bovine, Practice Administrator,
NYC Pain Management

"The employees are very pleasant to our patients, and the few times I've needed to make changes to our account, the managers surprised me with their attention to detail and professionalism."

Lauretta Gollette Admissions Specialist,
Tall Oaks Senior Care

Still have questions?!

Learn More About Our Dedicated Epic Receptionists

How will you protect my patients' data?

All of your appointment calls will be handled directly in your practice's Epic EMR. If we have to record any calls in our call center software (emergency or after hours answering service calls), all PHI is stored in our HIPAA Compliant Data Center. It is audited under SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS*, GLBA AND HIPAA standards annually and is ITAR and EU-US Privacy Shield registered. To prevent access for unauthorized parties, we enforce strong passwords and implement access policies and session timeouts.

Is your EPIC service HIPAA compliant?

Yes. All employees who come into contact with PHI, must pass a HIPAA certification program annually. Additionally, we contract with a HIPAA certified call center vendor who regularly reviews our security policies to ensure we are maintaining best practices. Agent desktops can not store PHI. Instead, they are simply used to communicate with our encrypted servers over a highly secure Remote Desktop Protocol.

What is the Scope of our Receptionist?

When you sign up for the Dedicated Epic Receptionists service, we will allocate you with a team of highly trained Epic Receptionists who have at least 2 years of experience serving patients at the front desk. They will take all your appointment calls and book and reschedule patient visits directly in your Epic EMR system, create telephone encounters when required, and warm transfer urgent calls to the appropriate department. Our customers typically need Dedicated Epic Receptionists during standard business hours, however if required, we are able to provide you with call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How much does the service cost?

Our pricing is fair and simple. This project requires the use of dedicated agents to work on your practices or hospitals behalf, so we will simply pass on the employee's hourly cost. For example, if you need coverage from 9 to 5 on weekdays, we will charge 40 hours of receptionist time. The flat fee helps you keep expenses under control, avoid extra costs, and avoid expensive surprises. Want to know the exact cost? Tell us your requirements and request a free evaluation.

What's included in the price?

Our receptionist hourly rate includes all holidays, vacations, break, 401k, incentive programs, health insurance, and all employer taxes. It also includes all management, telephone, connectivity, and other technical fees associated with providing this receptionist service. Additionally, when you use our Dedicated Epic Receptionists, you'll receive free access to our HIPAA-compliant mobile app which includes a read receipt of urgent messages. It also allows your providers to call patients back from their mobile devices and show the patient your office caller ID. This eliminates the need for your providers to block their cell phone number when returning a patient call.

You will also get secured web portal access to messages and on-call tables, unlimited scripting to route calls, unlimited email, fax, and text, and a daily email recap of all messages. We are so confident you will love our Dedicated Epic Receptionists that we include all training, hiring and setup costs free.

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